David Kyle Choe —

Dave. Choe. 우.

Born Hawaiian. Raised Atlantan. Bleeding Korean.

Connector. Advocate. Friend.

Strategist & Experience Purveyor.


Work —

I co-founded a Korean food pop-up called Gük with a simple mission to feed culture. We set off to reclaim the narrative around Korean food in America, and ended up throwing amazing parties for a city we love.
Slurp on.

I helped build a global intranet portal for one of Atlanta’s largest conglomerates, Cox Enterprises. Click away.

I developed a strategy for one of the worst NBA teams in the league, with one of the most jaded fan bases in the US, and loved every minute of it. Buckets.


The Soulful Shit —

Remember when Tumblr first came out, and you’d stay up all night reading people’s blogs and looking at photos and maybe shedding a tear or two.
I try (and mostly fail) to do that with my photos.

A collection of my travels.


Where I’ve been —

Chemistry — Present

Freelance — Present

Sparks Grove — 2015 to 2017

Matchstic — 2014 to 2015

Team One — 2014


Other Clients —

Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

Flower Child

Hospital Corporation of Atlanta

Marriott Aruba



The Home Depot

Turner Broadcasting