July 2017

Portland is one of those places that I can't quite figure out. On paper, I'm supposed to love it. It has everything I look for in a city: good coffee, good food, and good creative shit, but I always leave Portland feeling like I'm doing something wrong. Like I missed the thing. 

My first night was spent at the house of a friend of a friend's. It was a taste of home- the conversations, the hospitality, the porch hangs. 


We started our day at Tasty n Sons, which was good, but not amazing. I was most impressed by my Bloody Mary. After brunch we walked 10 seconds down the street and fell upon the most beautiful boutique, in god we trust. We knew of them because of their jewelry, but had no idea they were a full-on boutique. It was a nice surprise. 







We met up with some friends at Powell's downtown. The lady loves books, what can you do. Also, Powell's saved my life this trip because I had an emergency poop situation and Powell's has open bathrooms. 

 Ye Ol' Powells

Ye Ol' Powells

I believe we meandered a bit more and left downtown because it's kind of lame. You can only walk into Lululemon, Madewell and Whole Foods so many times. 

We had planned on getting dinner at Farmhouse so we parked our car and explored the smaller neighborhoods. It was really cool to see the maker/fashion district. There were a bunch of boutiques and open studios, we even met a couple designers. However, my favorite stops were all flora related. Makes sense. 

 First stop, The Meadow

First stop, The Meadow

 Have you seen such a purty bouquet?

Have you seen such a purty bouquet?

This next stop, was truly breathtaking. Pistils Nursery is a nursery and flora boutique on North Mississippi Ave right in the heart of the city. It was one of those moments where I forgot I was on vacation, I forgot I was with friends and let myself immerse. Those moments are rare. And welcome. 


I think there's a lot left to be had. Maybe it's one of those things where you fall in love over time. Stay tuned for the Farmhouse post.


David Choe