May 2017

It was one of those places I'd been to before and forever cast away as a "lame city", so to enjoy it so much was surprising and maybe a touch annoying. 

I went to Philly for my friend Rachel's wedding. It was marvelous, but this isn't a wedding blog so we'll move on. Again, I expected nothing. Actually, I immediately began shitting on the city as soon as I landed, mostly because the airport was lame compared to the majesty that is Hartsfield (??). 

Either way, I was humbled. 

We spent our time in neighborhoods and cafes and generally just wandering. This photo was taken at La Colombe's flagship location. It was a huge space, and yet it was completely filled up. They are experimenting with some really cool shit there- carbonated coffee, etc. 

I was most surprised by the feel of the neighborhoods in Philly. I've felt very similarly in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. There was a quiet assurance to the city. 





 Night market on the waterfront 

Night market on the waterfront 

 Dinic's in Reading Terminal - it was alright

Dinic's in Reading Terminal - it was alright

David Choe