Corvallis & The Coast



July 2017

Corvallis, Oregon. Home of Oregon State University, giant blueberries, and the love of my life: Angela. 

Every time I visit Corvallis, my soul is at peace. It's lush. Full of forest and plain and mountain and river. You leave Corvallis feeling full. You leave feeling in wonder. You leave feeling loved.


Our days are often filled with late mornings and long walks. We breathe deeply here. We enjoy living. It's a different pace of life, it's a necessary pace of life. 


Another beautiful thing about Corvallis is its proximity to the coast and to the mountains, and a casino :D

This part of our trip was so special to me. It was a day on the road with all of Angela's family, except her dog Jeffrey because he sucks at riding in cars. 

We caught crabs, climbed mountains, saw oceans, ate Chinese food, gambled (and won) and had a great time. 


This trip was also special because I was finally able to ask Angela's parents for their blessing. I was nervous. I hardly ever really get nervous, but I had a pit in my stomach for a long while. My days up to this point consisted of looking for the perfect opportunity to ask.

We had just stopped by the beach and were walking back to the car when I went for it. I think they were a little caught off guard, but I guess that's the best way to catch someone asking a question like this huh. hehe. Oh yeah, they said yes!


The rest of trip was just as perfect. Oregon forests are incredible. Incredible is an understatement. I don't really know an appropriate word to describe them. I've never felt the need to whisper outdoors other than in the Oregon forests. It's as though you know the trees are enjoying their lives and you can't disrupt them. They command respect. 


It's a beautiful place isn't it? It produces some beautiful people as well. 

See you soon. 


David Choe