Farmhouse Kitchen



Portland, Oregon

Dumb luck. We had just eaten some fried piggie tails and other delights at Whiskey Soda Lounge and made our way over to the Farmhouse. To be completely honest, I didn't do my homework. It was more a, "oh this looks good, let's try it conversation." We walked in and were greeted by a most jolly host. We told him, "party of 4, first available." He let out the most shocked and amused gasp. Apparently there was a two hour wait, but we had walked in right to an empty table. 

And as luck would have it, that was just the beginning. 


The atmosphere was entirely casual, quirky even, but the food all too elevated. Our first course was an assortment of appetizers. We had the wings you saw earlier and the most delicious pork belly. Really, like chips, fat and pig spirit. 




Tom Kah Soup




Papaya Salad




Larb Tuna


Then come the mains. The lady and I have a particular affinity for Thai cuisine, but I think the rest of the world does as well, so who really cares. 

I used to work at a Thai & Sushi restaurant called Thaicoon. It was one of my first real jobs. I loved it & I hated it. One time I gave an offering to the restaurant's god. My colleague was too short to raise the tray of fruits, thai tea and liquor to the deity, so I gladly & thoughtlessly volunteered. I'd never given an offering to another god, it's become a rather funny story to tell. 

Anyways, we would have family meals before service began. The chefs at Thaicoon were these ex-military Thai men. Often I'd walk in for my shift to see them cleaning their machine guns and organizing their ammo. And they would throw together whatever was on their minds- it was never on the menu and it was always delicious. This is what Farmhouse reminded me of. Those men. That food. Those times. 


Do you see the color of that broth? Do you see those beef bones? This is their 24 hours beef noodle soup. My love and friend, Tony ordered this and I had a taste. Really, I'm convinced, the darker any type of food gets, the better. This broth was the color of coffee & blood. Truly, magnificent. 


The Green Curry. Now I hesitate on this one, only because this curry was unlike any I've ever had. The flavor was new and strange to me, but I wonder if it's because I was so used to the Americanized versions I ate out of a Chinese takeout container. And yet, I'm glad I got it. 


The Pad Kee Mow. Now this dish, it was truly incredible. The noodles were fresh, the taste of the fire and the wok were overcoming and the pork, the mother fucking pork- there was nothing left.

The Farmhouse was such a marvelous surprise. It was the most ideal outcome of no planning and the proof that there is indeed a God. A God who wants us to eat delicious food and be merry with our loves. 

Travel is a funny thing. You really want the most bang for your buck. You want to suck all the life out of a place so you can leave feeling better. You want to plan each step and calculate each moment, but I'm really convinced, the most life-giving thing out there, is not knowing.  

David Choe