Atlanta, GA

Spring was the feeling you get when you drink a cold glass of water first thing in the morning. It's swimming in the creek behind your house. It's so familiar and magical yet. 

My friend Kerry and her husband Brian started Spring a year ago and it has already received high praises, and rightfully so. Spring is tucked away in a corner of Marietta Historic Square and is pretty nondescript from the outside. Once you step in, you notice a welcoming and simply designed interior and are greeted by a warm staff. 

Beautifully, impossibly simple dishes that took you somewhere. Thought & intention is Spring's strategy, and it works. 

Each dish was carefully thought out and intended to produce a certain kind of reaction. Every dish that came out was delicate and yet provocative. 

Spring is special because you feel known the moment you enter. It's a restaurant that is so confident in itself that it doesn't need to be anything but. There's a charm and mystery to Spring, and I hope that never changes.

Thank you Chef Brian and Kerry, it was lovely. 

David Choe