Staplehouse: Generous Food


Atlanta, GA

Staplehouse is a New American restaurant in the heart of Atlanta. By now, most will have heard about Staplehouse and its story and commitment to the food community, but if not you can find it here and here

I was blown away to say the least. The food is at worst nuanced, explosive and unapologetic, and at best, transcendent. I am not a food critic or a chef or anyone who can really say they know food, but I have eaten my fair share of delicious food as evidenced by my cute tummy. Out of all the restaurants I've eaten at in Atlanta, Staplehouse was by far the most incredible. 

Our table was in the backyard next to the garden and in front of the smokehouse. We were greeted by the sweet smell of smoking chanterelles. As soon as I sat down, I felt wonder. There was something to this place. Something thick and rich and present. 

The first thing we ordered were drinks. I stuck with the bourbon cocktails all night and Angela the rose. They were divine. Balanced and fragrant and strong. 

We ended up ordering one of everything and doubling up on a few main courses- it was just enough for the 6 of us. 

The pacing of the food was impeccable. We dined for a total of 3 hours, and I savored every minute. 


The Staplehouse is the for-profit part of a non-profit called The Giving Kitchen. That is amazing- generosity is built into their business model. But for me, the magic is in the generosity within the food. Anytime I have ever come into contact with true beauty or excellence, I feel cared for. Especially when it's ultimately going to become shit. To put so much thought and care and toil into something that is gone in seconds is the ultimate generosity. A generosity that can only be known in an instance, a moment. There's beauty in that. 


David Choe